Consolidating school distircts

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Consolidating school distircts

The teachers can count this year’s graduates on two hands. Kiersten Plowman (left to right), Allison Norris, Kasydi Kommhaus watch another friend prepare for the homecoming coronation ceremony at Diagonal School in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. Norris, who was crowned queen at the end of the night, had played on the basketball team and in the pep band before rushing to have her hair done by Kommhaus. Miller/The Gazette)Kira Egly (top), 11, of Diagonal and Tybee Plowman (bottom), 12, of Creston write down a mnemonic device for remembering how to divide fractions on their whiteboard desks in their sixth grade math class at Diagonal School in Diagonal on Friday, Jan. There are so few students in this southwestern Iowa school district the basketball team’s pep band is made up entirely of basketball players.The study found that "even under the most aggressive assumptions for administrative savings," there would be no real estate tax savings for the median homeowner.In nine districts, homeowners making the median income would actually pay more in real estate and earned income taxes, the study said.

The number of students enrolled in a public school determines its funding from the state.

He mentioned that the only voluntary merger, enacted in 2008 between Center and Monaco districts in Beaver County, resulted in one district's residents having to pay the higher property taxes of its neighboring district."Several studies have looked at that now, and proven it not true, so I'm supporting the resolution, I just have a lot of questions," Tallman said.

Three studies of a similar nature took place since Democratic Gov.

Merging school districts could help taxpayers in counties where student populations are dropping, said Rep.

Kathy Rapp, R-Warren, whose district covers vast rural areas of northwest Pennsylvania."I know that there are pros and cons to consolidation but at the end of the day it is a savings to the taxpayers in the county and certainly when we're looking at declining populations and maybe other excessive expenditures, I think this a good idea," Rapp said.

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All the walls in the school are painted the same color to save money on paint.