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Of course it’s never a good idea to pay for the room before you even get to see the girls.

So make sure you talk to the receptionist that you would like to see the “masseuses” first.

But here in the Philippines, it’s a lot more discrete.

So back to the room types: There are usually 2-3 different room types available and the rent is 1,000-3,000 Pesos for 2 hours.

The girls are good enough but the service is different they've tried to make it too nice when some guys just want it nasty like at Sabai Room.

Rasputin Soapy Massage This play is a bit hidden away and therefore doesn't get the foot traffic which is why I'm assuming they market to the Chinese bus loads and Russian market.

I’m not talking about the smaller massage I know a lot of first time visitors to the Philippines that visit the smaller, regular massage salons but don’t really dare to walk into one of the bigger massage parlors.

If you have ever been to a soapy in Thailand, this will be confusing.

In Thailand, you would walk into a place and see the selection of girls right away.

If you've never tried a soapy massage before typically a bath is run where they clean your entire body, of course they clean themselves as well, then it's to the mattress where she lathers you down in soap suds and massages you with her naked body, sliding up and down you quickly and with a scary confidence.

Then you clean up dry off and head to the bed where you have sex, I think the soapy's are great but try not to get addicted!

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