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The church still has to decide in 2015 whether to make it a regular rite.Do you look forward to the day when one of your parishes offers that blessing for same-sex unions? I've arrived at that place of believing in full inclusion.I promise you that if you go out and serve other people, you will find God in that.

Can you imagine being separated from your children? Tell me about Grace Episcopal Church in Nampa and its efforts to serve Canyon County's immigrant population?

Forestry was science and business, but by the time I graduated, I was already on a path toward a life in the church. We ordained the Philadelphia Eleven [women] as Episcopal priests in 1976. And then, as early as 1976, we had a resolution to try to do the polite thing by saying our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters are equal children in the sight of God and deserve fair treatment.

By then, I was married to my first wife, Judy, and thinking about children. After that, I was an assistant in Palm Desert, Calif. Let's talk about your vote at a national conference to support Gene Robinson, an openly gay priest, to become the new bishop of New Hampshire.

Aren't you continually shocked that the numbers of hungry Idahoans, particularly children, continue to remain alarmingly high?

It's an embarrassment of the first order when we know we could eradicate hunger in the world with our current resources.

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