Warning signs you are dating a loser

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Warning signs you are dating a loser

Losers are the type of men who refuse to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions.This inability to accept their wrong doings is what makes them a loser who really isn’t worth your time.We all have dreams and aspirations and our partners are the people who are meant to support those goals, irrelevant to what they are.A partner should be someone who makes you feel as though you could achieve anything.There is nothing wrong with you man wanting to spend time with his friends.A strong and happy relationship relies on you both being able to retain friendships and living a little outside of each other’s worlds.

In fact a little bit of jealousy can be healthy as it shows that you both care about each other.If your man only cares about his own pleasure and makes no attempt to make it good for you, then he’s a loser and he isn’t worth your time.Sometimes life can be a little overbearing and it can be difficult to find a reason to smile.However if that jealousy is stopping you from being able to talk to people and see your friends, then it is a problem.If your man can’t trust you to be faithful to him and honest, then that’s his problem not yours and you shouldn’t allow him to make you think any different.

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Manners don’t cost anything but they are worth more than their weight in gold.

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